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The Polish-American Ethnological Society in Memory of Bronislaw Malinowski was established in 1976, by a group of young immigrant Polish intellectuals, initially, for the purpose of introducing the issues of the Cultural Anthropology/Ethnohistory to their Polish American compatriots, and for the cooperation in this field with American and Polish institutions. The PAES/PATE compiles ethnological/anthropological research on various minority groups. In 1988 it had opened an anthropological survey with the Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Indians from South Jersey.




This widely planned project, composed by dr. Aleksander Posern-Zielinski from the Ethnography Workshop of the Polish Academy of Science (PAN) in Poznan, Poland, involved ethnological/etnographical and ethnohistorical field work, undertaken by Joanna Trzcionkowska from Warsaw University (1994), Bartosz Hlebowicz from Jagiellonian University (2001-2004), and Andrew J.R. Wala from PAES/PATE (1988-present). Continouos work with the Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Tribal Council, and the members of the tribe, has established an excellent plateau for an intercultural understanding and cooperation.

Locally, the society is promoting Polish culture and history, organizing artistic events, poetic and literary evenings, and celebrating the traditional Polish holidays. It also provides the library of Polish books for the area Polish Americans.

Since 1990, usually in November, PAES/PATE holds its annual anthropological seminar. Papers presented during 1990-2000, and 2001-2008 compiled together, were issued as two books: Referaty Seminariow Antropologicznych 1990-2000, Wielichowo-Atlantic City 2001, and Indianie Kalinago i inni... Referaty Seminariow Antropologicznych 2001-2008, Wielichowo-Atlantic City 2009, by PAES/PATE & Tipi Publishing House in Poland, expertly set by Tipi Editor-in-Chief, Marek Maciolek.

From 1999 until 2010 PAES/PATE closely cooperated with the quarterly Tawacin, entirely dedicated to history, anthropology and contemporary issues of Native Americans.

PAES/PATE supports the first Polish archaeological expedition to Maya sites of Nakum and Yaxha in Guatemala, under dr. Jaroslaw Zralka and Wieslaw Koszkul from Jagiellonian University.

As a non-profit scholarly organization, PAES/PATE is constantly seeking support from cultural and scientific foundations in Poland and USA. With its development this society may accomplish position of a serious agent for cooperation between American and Polish school of anthropology.